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Disney World is Now Selling Cups of Cookie Dough

cups of cookie dough at disney world
Written by Bryce

Cups of cookie dough at the happiest place on Earth.

You probably don’t even need to know any more than the title alone, because we’re betting that was enough to get you to book a one way ticket to Orlando immediately. You’d be right to do that, because Walt Disney World is officially offering raw, delicious cups of cookie dough at their All Star Sports Resort.

Amen, amen, amen, and obviously the most exciting news since hearing that eating chocolate may be the answer to a very long life.

According to food detectives over on the Disney Food Blog, all patrons need to do to score cups of cookie dough is head to the refrigerated snack and bakery area of End Zone Food Court. It’s there the cups of raw, gluttonous cookie dough are served up to lines of Disney-goers with tongues more out than Pluto’s.

You can score three small scoops for a very affordable, and almost un-Disney-like $3.99, or pay with your Disney snack credits. Surprisingly (and to everyone’s delight), the cups of cookie dough contain absolutely no eggs, meaning they’re totally safe to consume regardless of the hot local temperature. The idea of egg-inclusive raw cookie dough in hot Florida sunshine sounds like a recipe for disaster, so we’re glad the Disney kitchen execs crossed all the t’s and dotted all the i’s. Plus, this sweet treat is served cold.


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