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El Al Airlines Now Offers WiFi: Good News for Israel Travelers

el al airlines wifi
Written by Bryce

Good news for travelers to Israel!

El Al Airlines is now offering WiFi on board, a welcome addition to their near-constant service to Israel from locations around the world. This is just another reason to pack your bags and explore the many benefits of the Dead Sea, right? El Al Airlines WiFi is also definitely what we’ve all been praying for on the way to the Holy Land, so this is especially welcome news.

el al airlines wifi

The WiFi service is already active on Europe to Israel and reverse flights, and comes at a cost of $9.99 for social media access and $19.99 for what is deemed “business” access. That means for less than the price of a separate kosher meal, you’ll be able to Facebook, Instagram, Snap, and Tweet what the guy in the seat next to you is doing, which is probably priceless.

El Al Airlines WiFi also offers a free “basic” option, but we’re pretty sure that just means access to onboard information, activities, and flight tracking. Don’t expect to send and receive lengthy emails or check who views your Instagram uploads on the free plan. North America to Israel routes don’t offer WiFi access yet, but we expect it to roll out by September 2018.

Pretty exciting for those long weekends abroad, right? You can search the cheapest flights to Israel via El Al Airlines here.

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