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Europe’s Oldest Woman Swore Eating Chocolate Daily = Longevity

chocolate bars for longevity
Written by Bryce

A few bites a day keeps doctors away?

At least that’s what we’re hoping now that we know Europe’s oldest woman, Giuseppina Projetto, lived by the chocolate mantra till she died last week at 116 years old. She’s credited her longevity as the product of daily chocolate consumption in Italian news sources, and science or not, we stand behind this.

Projetto, who lived in Italy her entire life, from 1902 to 2018, was the second oldest living person in the world at the time of her passing, and was known as the official “nonna of Italy,” which we’re pretty sure means she knew how to batch cook and enjoy weekends better than anyone else on the planet.

Europe's Oldest Woman

The official “nonna” of Italy before her passing

Since our favorite nonna’s passing, another Italian woman has taken Giuseppina’s place as Europe’s oldest woman, falling in third place worldwide — the two other older people both live in Japan, which makes us believe sushi AND chocolate may be a winning combo.

Maria Giuseppha Robucci is also a robust 116 years old and lives in Sardinia (we’d live there for over a hundred years, too). Her secret for a long life is more doctor-approved than Projetto’s — she credits her long life to not drinking alcohol and never touching cigarettes. She has five children, nine grandchildren, and 16 great-grandchildren, and eats bread and tomatoes daily. So take that, low-carb lifestyle.

Between this information and the fact that Michelangelo’s actual estate is currently for sale, we’re about ready to move to Italy and never look back.

The oldest person on Earth currently lives in Japan (in addition to the second and third oldest people on Earth), and is 117 years old.

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