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Genius Watermelon Tap for National Watermelon Day

Written by Bryce

A watermelon tap? Sign us up.

National Watermelon Day is August third (yeah, it’s a real day — rejoice), and aside from all the typical watermelon and feta salads that are very PG-13, we thought we’d be team players and give you a more adult option to celebrate this #blessed holiday, obviously falling on a weekend. Enter the watermelon tap: the genius summer drinking hack you’ve been waiting for.

Here’s how to make your own watermelon tap with a reusable tap (like this cheapie from amazon). You’ll obviously need this in your backpack for the next time you try one of the best summer hikes in the Northeast and want to picnic at the summit.




  1. Cut off about 1/3 inch from the bottom end of the watermelon, just enough so that it sits on a flat surface but won’t leak.
  2. Cut about an inch from the top end, completely through in order to open up the top.
  3. Scoop out the watermelon flesh, hollowing out the watermelon—save the fruit to mix with your drink or freeze for ice cubes! Leave a few inches of flesh at the bottom to place your tap spigot.
  4. Determine where you would like to place the spigot, and *carefully* create a small hole with a small knife.
  5. Follow the tap instructions, insert the spigot gently, and secure with screw on inside of the watermelon.
  6. Fill the watermelon with a deliciously infused vodka, like SKYY Infusions Sun-Ripened Watermelon and enjoy!

If you want to get even more adventurous, throw some fresh mint leaves or basil into your vodka-soaked watermelon, and serve it over limeade ice cubes. Your guests will give you a standing ovation.


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