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Pick Your Own Flowers: Romantic Day Trip Idea of the Day

pick your own flowers
Written by Bryce

Pick your own flowers, find your own romance.

In a world where genuinely creative romantic weekends are hard to come by (short of long flights to exotic beaches), we’re really excited to let you know about an extremely summery pick your own flowers experience right here in the USA.

Maple Lawn Farms  in Pennsylvania will host their second Annual Sunflower Festival this August 10-12 and then again August 17-19. The farmers have tripled the field sizes and doubled the number of plant varieties for this year’s event, meaning you can pick your own flowers till your heart is nearly bursting with goodness, happiness, and flower power.

New sunflower varieties include fiery orange starbursts, dark crimson reds, lemon yellows, and “Teddy Bear” puff ball-shaped flowers that are essentially the unicorns of sunflowers.

pick your own flowers

Sunflowers capture the hearts of young and old alike,” says Hugh McPherson, now the head sunflower farmer at Maple Lawn Farms. “Visiting the field just brings joy to your heart and a smile to your face.”

Maple Lawn Farms offers pick your own flowers of course, but also cherries, blueberries, peaches, apples and pumpkins. Each guest gets to hand select their favorite sunflower bloom to clip, pick and take home. Additional sunflowers by the half dozen or dozen are available as well, each cut fresh from the field. We’re obviously adding a pick your own flowers experience to our best summer hikes list, mountains or not.

pick your own flowers

“It is an Instagrammer’s dream,” says Michelle Posey, Maple Lawn Winery’s sales manager. “The shapes, sizes, colors are incredible. Nothing like this field of flowers exists anywhere to get your pictures!”

The 2017 Festival completely sold out, so attendees are required to pre-purchase tickets by day to ensure everyone gets plenty of time to enjoy the sunflowers.

Tickets start at just $10 each and can be purchased here.

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