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Travel-Loving Cat Ladies: You May Want To Apply For This Job In Greece!

cat ladies
Written by Aly Walansky

Best job for cat lovers ever.

It’s a sad reality that a woman of a certain age that happens to be single and also happens to love cats is going to get a few funny looks. Our advice? Go with it and make them all lick your feline-loving dust, with a new job opportunity at a cat sanctuary on a Greek island!

cat ladies

Be your own Venus (if she was into cats) and apply for this gig at God’s Little People Cat Rescue, who on August 5 shared an opportunity for a “paid job offer with cats” on its Facebook page. This sanctuary on the Greek island of Syros is a home to rescue cats and is looking to hire someone to come to the island and play with the cats. The person will have to live there, and their job will be literally cuddling with furry kittens on an island paradise and they will get paid to do this. We think you should bring some animal-loving little ones, too, because this is the best kids weekend idea of all time.

God is real, you guys.

Those who apply should be “a mature and genuinely passionate cat lover who knows how to handle many cats and would love their company” and be prepared to work around four hours per day feeding and playing with the kittens. Job duties will also include taking any who need medical care to the vet (and yes, you’ll have access to the sanctuary’s car).

In exchange for all this? You get room and board in the sanctuary’s semi-detached modern tiny house with its own garden (that has a direct view to the Aegean Sea!) and also a salary.

BRB, we’re applying right now. Yours truly, the cat ladies of Earth.

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